Wanderlust CAL Week 9 – Let’s Get Leafy!

Wanderlust CAL Week 8

Good morning friends, and happy Friday!  Since it’s Friday, I though it was time for the Wanderlust CAL to get leafy!  Thats right, what kind of Wanderlust CAL would this be if we didn’t have an entire square devoted to a leaf?! FYI If you haven’t joined yet, there is still time!  Hop over to …

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Wanderlust CAL Week 7 – The Campfire

Wanderlust CAL Week 7

Can you believe we are already starting week 7 of the Wanderlust CAL?!  I cannot believe how fast time is flying by.  I figured it was time to introduce The Campfire square, because you can’t have s’mores without a nice hot campfire.  And who goes camping without enjoying s’mores??? FYI If you haven’t joined yet, …

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Wanderlust CAL Week 6 – Let There Be Light!

Wanderlust CAL Week 6

Let’s shine some light on week 6 of the Wanderlust CAL!  There is only one option this week, but its definitely one of my favorites.  This week’s release will be the Camping Lantern.  A long time ago my dad gave me a vintage red lantern (its rusted, chipped and amazing!), which is what inspired this …

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