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No More Excuses Dreams and Caffeine

No More Excuses

Wow, its been a really long time since my last post!  To be honest, I really wanted to start blogging again, but…

  • I’m too tired
  • I went to bed late.
  • I can’t get up early.
  • I don’t have spare time.
  • There are chores to do.
  • Let’s go out to dinner.
  • I’m going to catch up with my friends.
  • I’m going to browse insert social media here.
  • I need to check my email.

No more excuses!  I want to start blogging again, and I finally realized that if I want it to happen, I need to make time for it.  That means scheduling it in my day and adjusting my life to make sure it happens.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I am not in the midst of new born babies, sleepless nights, and all of the exhausting, wonderful, things that comes with being a new mommy.

As you might have noticed, Dreams and Caffeine has received a facelift in its design and its focus.  It is still a mom blog, but will focus on something else I love which is being creative and a maker of things (crochet & knitting more specifically).

I have some very exciting things planned, so get ready to have some fun!  Be sure that you’re subscribed to the Dreams and Caffeine email list, and if you want to be social media BFF’s… be sure you’re following me on EtsyInstagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.




Welcome to Dreams and Caffeine!

Hi! My name is Lisa and I am the creative force behind Dreams and Caffeine. I am a wife to a great guy (the tech force behind this blog) who enjoys my random crazy ideas for adventures and fun (this is why he is a keeper), and I am a mommy to two awesome kiddos who are full of personality and cuteness.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but didn’t take that path when I went to college. I ended up with a Masters in teaching and found my love of shaping small minds.

After I started having children, I needed a creative outlet for myself. I discovered my love of knitting, crocheting and all things yarn. Combine that with my love of writing and the Dreams and Caffeine Blog came to life!

This blog is here for people who are searching for crochet or knitting patterns, ideas for crafts, school activities or crafts for kids, parenting posts, IVF/Fertility information, product reviews for parents, and let’s not forget all things holiday! Basically, this blog is about navigating life’s adventures as a mom sprinkled with creative fun.

5 Facts About Me:

  • I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. This means, when I decide to do something (hobby, lifestyle change, etc.) I go all in… I don’t really have a medium speed.
  • I love coffee! I am talking a real love for it… I love the taste, the varieties (hot, cold, sweet, blended), and the experience of drinking coffee.
  • I love all four seasons and couldn’t imagine living in a place that didn’t have them. I enjoy the shift in the weather each season brings… its like the beginning of a new year when a new season starts.
  • My favorite television series are The Golden Girls, Sex & The City, Seinfeld, and The Real Housewives. Seriously though… The Golden Girls and Sex & The City taught me what real friendships are (you know who you are ladies), and got me through college!
  • I am an over-packer… no matter the season, location, number of people, or how little room I have while traveling… I pack enough to survive a zombie apocalypse. I will be the first to admit this may lead to my husband and I needing counseling!

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share with me, feel free to email me!

Be sure to check out my Etsy page and if you want to be cyber besties (I swear I’m not creepy!) follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

Cheers, Lisa