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No More Excuses Dreams and Caffeine

No More Excuses

Wow, its been a really long time since my last post!  To be honest, I really wanted to start blogging again, but…

  • I’m too tired
  • I went to bed late.
  • I can’t get up early.
  • I don’t have spare time.
  • There are chores to do.
  • Let’s go out to dinner.
  • I’m going to catch up with my friends.
  • I’m going to browse insert social media here.
  • I need to check my email.

No more excuses!  I want to start blogging again, and I finally realized that if I want it to happen, I need to make time for it.  That means scheduling it in my day and adjusting my life to make sure it happens.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I am not in the midst of new born babies, sleepless nights, and all of the exhausting, wonderful, things that comes with being a new mommy.

As you might have noticed, Dreams and Caffeine has received a facelift in its design and its focus.  It is still a mom blog, but will focus on something else I love which is being creative and a maker of things (crochet & knitting more specifically).

I have some very exciting things planned, so get ready to have some fun!  Be sure that you’re subscribed to the Dreams and Caffeine email list, and if you want to be social media BFF’s… be sure you’re following me on EtsyInstagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.




A Challenge for Moms Dreams and Caffeine

A Challenge for Moms

Let me paint you a picture…

It was a hot sunny day and my toddler (under 2 and half years old), my infant (under 6 months old), and I were all tired from playing outside and had come inside for some nice cold water and relaxation on the couch while the fan and breeze from open windows cooled us down. I was holding Moose and Miss Sassy Pants was running around our living room playing and screaming and having a good old time. Eventually, she found one of Moose’s toys that had fallen off his rocker and was playing with it. It was a soft stuffed snail that had a rattle in it and ribbon that was sewn to it with Velcro on the end. Soon, Miss Sassy Pants started playing keep away with me and Moose. She would run over to us, dangle the snail in front of us and I would pretend to try to get it, and when I would miss, she would scream with delight and run away. We did this for quite some time and then I snagged the snail and started playing keep away from her. Eventually this game evolved and I started spinning the snail, letting it wind around my finger, then spinning it the opposite direction it all while Miss Sassy Pants would stick her finger it in causing both her and Moose to giggle. We played this game until daddy arrived home. It wasn’t until later that night, after everyone had gone to bed that I was relaxing on the couch and I thought of this moment we had created that afternoon. It was such a pure moment of mommyhood bliss! I started to tear up when I thought how much fun we had playing a silly little game and that’s when it hit me…. I am finally where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I get to be a mommy to two amazing kiddos and a wife to my adorable hubby!

We are so busy making sure our houses are clean, groceries are bought and put away, dinner is ready, paying bills, helping our little ones grow up, and sticking to a schedule that we sometimes forget to stop and enjoy these precious moments that make mommyhood so amazing. I am realizing, only too quickly, how fast time flies. I can’t believe I have a baby and a toddler…I swear, just yesterday I was begging God to grant me a child all while googling what to do about infertility (Infertility…My Journey to Mommyhood coming soon), and that day, I was privileged enough to have a moment with my kiddos. I am very humbled and thankful to my husband for figuring out a way for me to get to stay at home and raise our precious littles.

As life passes by, I am beginning to recognize the importance of these moments and how special they are to enjoy and I am thankful for each and every one of them. These kinds of moments make me realize I was made to be a mom. Every time I hear my name called, or a cry that only I can soothe, or a snuggle meant just for mommy, my heart melts with joy. I will be the first to admit that sometimes these moments get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and the pure exhaustion from being a mom. So today, mommies, I challenge you to throw away your list of to-dos and grab your littles and go make a moment!

Cheers to Mommyhood,