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Stylish Elastic Hair Ties - Dreams and Caffeine

Stylish Elastic Hair Ties

Have you seen these adorable elastic hair ties that are all over Etsy and Pinterest?  They are so cute and fun.  They come in all different colors and patterns, plus, they don’t cause any damage to your hair like the old-school hair ties.  The ties also decorate your wrist when you’re not wearing them.

With the holidays just around the corner, these elastic hair ties make great stocking stuffers for family, as well as the perfect small thank-you gifts for teachers and friends.  I thought it would be fun to share a tutorial on how to make them.  Of course, if you’re not the crafty type and would rather just purchase them, soon you’ll be able to visit my Etsy shop and buy them there.

Supplies needed for elastic hair ties tutorial:

  • Scissors
  • Elastic Cord
  • Measuring Tape


Now on to the instructions…

Step 1
Select your elastic cord and cut a piece measuring 8 ½ inches long.


Step 2
Fold the elastic cord in half and tie a loose knot on the end where the two ends meet.  Make sure you don’t tighten it yet.


Step 3
Measure the diameter of the inside of the circle.  It should measure about 3 inches.  Once you achieve that measurement, move onto Step 4.

Step 4
Tighten the knot, then trim the ends.  I like to trim the ends at an angle to give the hair tie a little more finished look, but feel free to trim them however you would like.


As Miss Sassy Pants would say, TA-DA!  You now have a pretty, non-damaging, elastic hair tie that is perfect for yourself or for a gift.


I hope you liked today’s post!  If you do end up following this tutorial, I would love to see pictures of your finished project. Also, stay tuned for more tutorials as I gear up for the holidays.