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5 Ways to Support a Blogger or Maker

5 Ways to Support a Blogger or Maker

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a blogger and I make things.  I always get asked what I do for a living, and when I respond with the previous sentence I get a lot of confused looks and “oh that’s insert confused word here,” and that’s where the conversation ends.  In the past, those responses would frustrate me and make me sad that people either didn’t get it or didn’t think it was a real job that could bring in money.

I can’t tell you how many times I have avoided telling someone what I do, and instead went with the easier response of, “I’m a stay-at-home mom.”  Yes, I am a stay-at-home mom, but I am also a blogger and an Etsy Shop owner. So, why did I avoid telling them what I do?  The simple answer is because a lot of people don’t know what bloggers or makers do, or how they generate income from being a Blogger or Maker.  And, even if someone knows someone that is a Maker or Blogger, they may not know how to support them.  Since this is a consistent theme for me, I have decided to share with you some ways to support a blogger or maker.  It’s a short list explaining ways you can be supportive without it taking money from your pocket.

5 ways to support a Blogger or Maker:

  1. Subscribe to their blog’s email list

    Every time you get an email saying they have a new post up, be sure to visit their blog and read their post.  The great thing about this kind of support is that it doesn’t cost you any money… just some time to show your friend or family member that you support and care about what they are doing.

  2. Favorite their Etsy Shop

    By favoriting their Etsy Shop, every time they renew an item or put a new item in their shop you’ll see it in your Etsy feed.

  3. Follow them on all of their social media channels (Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram).

    Share their posts or projects on your social media channels.  The more people that see their work, the more beneficial it is to the Blogger or Maker.

  4. Leave a kind comment

    When they post on their blog or on social media, leave a kind comment. Interaction like this increases their presence on the Internet and can drive more traffic to their sites.

  5. Purchase products from them

    If they are selling something you want, and it fits in your budget, purchase it from them. If you do purchase something from them, be sure to leave a review of their product or service you received so other people can get an idea of how great it is.

Now that you’ve read through some of my ideas, what do you think of them?  Would you be willing to do the above ideas to help support your friend or family member that blogs or is a maker?  I hope you find this post helpful!  If I missed another way to support a Blogger or Maker, be sure to leave it in the comments.





5 Ways to Support a Blogger or Maker