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Teach Your Child to Read Series

Teach My Child to Read… Learning the Alphabet

Teach Your Child to Read Series is definitely off to a great start!  If you missed last week’s kick off, please head over and read through Teach Your Child To Read… 5 Concepts to Master Before Learning to Read.  It has all of the details for this series that I am hosting this month.

I introduced the 5 Concepts to Master Before Learning to Read last week, and this week we are going to cover in detail the first concept, Learning the Alphabet and HOW to teach the alphabet.  I am including tons of resources and activities that you can utilize to teach the alphabet to your child.  So, what are we waiting for… let’s get started!

How to Teach Your Child

In order to learn to read, your child must first know the alphabet.  In the beginning of learning the alphabet, your child might forget some of the letters or even mix them up and that is 100% okay.  The goal is not perfection, but instead, over time and with continued education from you, your child will slowly stop mixing up the letters.  It could be a slow progression, which means it is important for you to not become frustrated or to expect perfection.  As the teacher, you need to recognize that young children often learn & retain the most when taught through play, dance, music, and art.  And lastly, please remember this is not a one-time lesson, but instead; something that needs to be continued until the child has mastered learning the alphabet.

It is also critical for you to recognize the way your child learns.  Do they have a long attention span?  Do they prefer doing one type of activity over another?  Are they able to sit at a table for 15-20 minutes?  The reason knowing the answers to these questions is important is because it will affect which activities you decide to do with your child.  At this point, you’re just going to have to use trial and error to find what works best for you and your child.  And don’t forget to get creative!  If you don’t see something on this list and you think it would be a great way to teach the ABC’s to your child… USE IT!  You are the most knowledgable person when it comes to your child and what will work and what will not work… don’t forget that!

Activities to Teach & Reinforce the ABC’s

Sing the ABC’s

  1. I started singing the ABC’s to my kiddos when they were babies. When I rocked them, when they were fussy, and when they were done riding in the car and we still had an hour left in the road trip.  We also played various songs that sung the ABC’s as well as songs that included the alphabet.
  2. A quick search on any music service or YouTube generally supplies a pretty large list of a variety of ABC songs.

Read Books about the ABC’s

  1. If your child is hesitant about having you read, you could always try letting them select the book that you’re going to read. If that doesn’t work, maybe try sitting with them to just look at the picture and discuss what they think is happening in the book.  You could even go as far as creating your own story with your child using the pictures as a guide while still learning about the alphabet.  Create a story out of the pictures in the book and include your child into the story… kiddos love to be part of things!
  2. Now, I know some kiddos just don’t like to sit still and listen to stories, so I would suggest trying audio books. You can listen to them in the car or put them on at bedtime when the kids are getting ready to go to sleep.  Some exposure is better than none.
  3. One big thing I would suggest when selecting books to read is to be sure to get ones that have great pictures, books that include topics that your child enjoys, and remember, it’s supposed to be fun!  Here is a list of books that both my son and daughter enjoy:

There are so many wonderful books out there that can help in learning the alphabet.  I recommend doing a search through Google or on Amazon to find what you are looking for and where to purchase it.  If you do not want to purchase the books, be sure to visit your local library, and if they do not have what you are looking for; usually the library can order it for you.

Flash Cards

  1. Using flash cards is a great way to point out each letter to your child as you’re singing the alphabet. It allows your child to recognize the connection between singing the song and how the letters look.


  1. Alphabet Kids’ Floor Puzzle

Arts & Crafts (also helps with fine motor control)

  1. Print out each letter of the alphabet. Then once a day, select a letter and do some art with it.  You can have your child decorate the letter using paint, finger paint, markers, crayons, or you can have your child glue various items to the letter (beads, sequins, stickers, etc.).  Not only are you helping them to learn that specific letter, but they are also getting exposure to different art mediums, developing fine motor control, as well as getting to express themselves creatively.  I suggest you keep each letter and use them as reference to reinforce the learning.


  1. Alphabet Yoga – ABC for Me:  ABC Yoga:  Join us and the animals out in nature and learn some yoga by Christiane Engel – This is a great book that you can use to not only learn the alphabet, but to get some yoga in.
  2. Go on a nature walk and find items that you can make into the shape of the letters of the alphabet.
  3. Melissa & Doug Building Blocks ABC/123.  As you play with your child, say the letter on the block and show the child as they are using it to build.
  4. Seasame Street Elmo’s on the Go Letters
  5. Vtech Alphabet Apple
  6. LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set
  7. Foam Fun Alphabet Letters and Numbers for Bathtub Education

Please remember, you do not need to purchase things to teach your child the alphabet.  However, you can browse the things I’ve suggested and find ways to use things you already have at home to teach your child the alphabet.

Cartoons & iPad, iPhone, Computers

  • ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics (app)
  • Super Why Story Readers (cartoon on Netflix)
  • Leapfrog Letter Factory (cartoon on Netflix)
  • ABC Mouse (online subscription)

A quick search on whatever service you use, will pull up suggestions.  A few guidelines I would follow are making sure to limit the amount of screen time, don’t solely rely on this to educate your child, and make sure it is age/rated appropriately.

Reading is such an important concept for a child to learn to be successful in their education.  The majority of today’s information and communication is processed through reading, thus teaching your child to read is a necessary component to their overall success.  Depending on your child’s age and attention span, I would recommend starting simple and adding additional activities as you see fit.  Please keep in mind how long each activity you do with your child is, and that it matches your child’s attention span.  This will help you from overwhelming your child with new information and also (hopefully) prevent disinterest in learning the alphabet. REMEMBER to KEEP it FUN!


Happy Learning,



Teach Your Child to Read Series
15 Tips to Prepare for your IVF Embryo Transfer

15 Tips to Prepare for your IVF Embryo Transfer

15 Tips to Prepare for your IVF Embryo Transfer – doesn’t that statement bring pure excitement to you?!  At the same time, doesn’t it bring nervousness and panic of the unknown?  As a person who has already done it, I vividly remember scouring the internet and Pinterest looking for posts on what to do to be prepared, what to expect, etc.  However, I didn’t find a whole lot of information on the subject.

After a lot of thought, I decided to put together a list of things that helped me prepare and survive my IVF embryo transfer.  Remember, I am not a doctor and you should follow your doctor’s instructions regarding anything related to your health and the embryo transfer.  This list is more of a mental prep to help reduce stress during your transfer and also to help make sure during your down time you’re not bored out of your mind!

  1. Finances

Ensure all bills are paid early so you don’t have to stress about them during your embryo transfer, especially any bills/payments related to your fertility treatment.  During this time, you want to be as relaxed as possible and allow your body to do what it’s supposed to do.

  1. Employment

If you are employed, be sure to schedule your time off in advance.  Make sure you provide any written notifications for your medical absence if necessary, and take care of any work-related business that may need to be handled before or during your embryo transfer.  Also, make sure your employer understands that your time off during your embryo transfer is fluid and is not exact.  For example, my embryo transfer went as planned, but about three weeks later I ended up on bedrest for a little over two and a half weeks.  Luckily, I had an amazing staff at my facility that was able to keep things running smoothly without any of the parents noticing my absence.

  1. Schedule

Map out all of your appointments for your fertility cycle.  You do not want to miss one once you are in the process.  Literally, TIMING IS EVERYTHING!!!  This is the time to pay very close attention to every last detail… being a little neurotic is key!

  1. Meals

I fell short here and my poor husband had to really scramble to make sure we didn’t starve!  I recommend making a few freezer meals that you both love so that dinners are not stressful or that you buy some pre-made meals at the store.  Also, make sure to grocery shop ahead of time.  Have your house stocked with plenty so that if Meal Plan A doesn’t work, you can easily go to Meal Plan B without much effort.  You also want to be sure to eat healthy during this time.  Ask your doctor if they have any recommendations for your diet or if there are foods you should avoid.  Remember, you want this time to be easy, relaxing, and NOT stressful.

  1. Snacks & Drinks

Be sure your house is stocked.  Have plenty of snacks that are easy to eat laying down on the couch or bed.  Have plenty of water and other beverages (approved by your doctor) that are ready to drink.  You need to stay hydrated during your embryo transfer.

  1. Clean House

This may or may not apply to you, but having a dirty house really stresses me out.  I recommend making sure that your house is at least to a level of cleanliness that makes you comfortable.  During your down time for your embryo transfer, you don’t want to look around the house and start making mental notes of what needs to be done once you are up and moving around again, because it will just make you stressed and/or annoyed.

  1. Laundry

Have all laundry done.  Be sure you and your partner have clothes to wear during your down time.  Also, be sure you have comfortable clothes to wear while on bedrest.  Consider the weather… I recommend dressing cooler and then having blankets available to cover up with if you get cold.  There is nothing worse than being hot and uncomfortable.

  1. Station Setup

Have a little station setup where you will be doing your bedrest.  I had a little table and basket that was within arm’s reach.  In the basket I had chapstick, hand sanitizer, lotion, pens, paper, my journal, a book, a crochet project, a few magazines, and my phone charger.  Then on the table I had water bottles and a variety of snacks to help me get through the day.  I was very fortunate to have family stop by to make me lunch, but if you are not in the same situation, maybe have a cooler for your lunch.

  1. Entertainment

Books, magazines, television, music, crochet, knitting, drawing, writing, or whatever entertains you is perfect.  Just remember to avoid anything that causes you to be emotional.  I was supposed to avoid anything that caused me to be upset or made me laugh hard.  You want your abdomen to be resting so that your little baby(ies) can embed in your uterus.

  1. Family & Friends

Decide which family and friends you are going to share this information with.  If you are choosing not to share this information, what will you tell people to explain your downtime?  If you are telling people, decide who you’ll tell and make sure they understand the process.  The goal is to relax during your embryo transfer, so you don’t want to be bombarded with questions (this can cause stress).

  1. Don’t Research (excluding this post 😉 )

Once your egg transfer is complete, don’t research!  Or, at the very least, do it with a grain a salt.  If you are following your doctor’s orders, you are doing everything you possibly can that is in your control.  Let your body do its job.

  1. Location, Location, Location

This may seem odd to mention, but consider where you are going be during your bedrest.  In my experience, I was to limit how often I got up.  This included showering, using the restroom, and even brushing my teeth.  So, when I say consider location, I literally mean consider location.  I recommend a location that is near the restroom and bedroom.  This will help eliminate any extra time on your feet.

  1. Settle your Soul

Pray, meditate, journal or whatever you need to do to settle your soul.  No matter how much preparing you do, the unknown is hard on your soul.  The reality of this egg transfer possibly making you a mother or not making you a mother is enough to send my own heart racing while I’m typing this.

  1. Follow all Directions

Follow all directions that your doctor has provided… NO EXCEPTIONS!

  1. RELAX

Bahahaha… can you believe I just wrote that?!  Who can relax during a time like this?!  All joking aside, seriously try to relax and let your body rest.  It is working hard.

I hope this list is helpful to you while you are on your journey to becoming a mother and I wish you all the best!  And as always, if you would like to leave a comment below, please feel free to do so.

Cheers to Motherhood!

Things My Mother Taught Me - Dreams and Caffeine

Things My Mother Taught Me

Things my mother taught me… words that I have been hesitant to write about.  My mother was an amazing woman and mother.  She did a wonderful job (alongside my dad) until I went off to college, then our relationship started to change.  We slowly shifted from a mother-daughter relationship to a mother-daughter friendship.  Of course, she was always my mother first, but the addition of friendship was fantastic.

Unfortunately, right after I got engaged, she unexpectedly passed away… hence the hesitation to write an article about her.  Though I’m finally beginning to feel that there has been enough healing to write about my mother… my best friend, I still struggle with my loss.  At the same time, I want to celebrate her.  So here’s to you Mom… Things My Mother Taught Me!

Life is too short to stay angry, mad, sad, or unhappy
Of course, it’s okay to feel these emotions, it’s just not worth getting stuck on them.  She always said life is too short to waste it and not enjoy it!  So, make amends, cry and let it out, write it down, then let it all go!

Life is too much fun to waste it on alcohol or drugs
My mother was never a drinker nor did she ever do drugs.  She always enjoyed her life and said she didn’t want to miss it or not remember it because she was intoxicated.  So, skip the alcohol and drugs and go have some fun.  Of course, that is not to say she didn’t enjoy a nice cold margarita every now and then.

Take care of your obligations
Pay your debts on time and take care of your responsibilities.  She said that if you couldn’t be responsible for yourself, you would never be able to take care of yourself, let alone anyone else, and would always struggle in life.

You should always be modest, which doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable.  It just means you’re advertising your style, not your body.

Saving yourself for marriage
Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free?  A statement I heard literally from the time I learned about the birds and the bees well into adulthood.  Though not the most elegant statement, my mother felt very strongly about it.  She said that living together and having intimate relationships with your partner was meant for after the I do’s, not before.  She also said every time you are intimate with someone you give a small piece of yourself to them that you will never get back.  A lot of this didn’t make sense to me at the time, but now that I am a married woman with children, I FINALLY GET IT!  Thank you mom!

Marriage and children are life’s most precious gifts
My parents would have been married 55 years if she had made it to their anniversary the year she passed away.  She always said that marriage and children are the toughest jobs you can ever have in life, but the benefits far outweigh the hard work.  She said to always make sure your husband is your best friend.  Always love him… though you don’t always have to like him.  And teach your children to have loving relationships with family and friends.

Take care of your family… always say I love you!
Don’t forget to show your husband and children that you love them.  Take care of them, nurture them, and don’t forget to snuggle, cuddle, and kiss them.  Make sure to say I love you frequently and when parting… you never know when it will be your last time to say it.

Take pride in homemaking… it is a life skill
Have a clean and tidy home and keep it and your family organized.  It will allow you to enjoy life more and be less stressed.  I definitely have not perfected this one!

Don’t lie
This was very black and white in our house growing up.  Lying just causes more problems than the truth ever will cause.  So don’t do it.  That’s not to say telling the truth is always easy or there won’t be consequences for your actions… she just thought it was easier than trying to make up a lie, make it believable, and then keep the lie (or lies, because one lie is never enough) up.

Be kind… even to those that are not kind to you
It doesn’t matter how others act; it only matters how you act.  Life is rarely fair and you have no idea what storm God has asked someone else to walk through… so be kind.

Follow your dreams
Dreams are part of making life tons of fun.  The desire to accomplish something or do something you enjoy is a wonderful thing and it builds character.

Always say your prayers and give thanks to God for all of your blessings!
I don’t think an explanation is required here 😉

Alright ladies and gentlemen, thank you for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed my challenging, but rewarding post today.  Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know things your mother taught you. Happy Tuesday!


Toddler Carrier Review Tula vs LilleBaby

Toddler Carriers – Tula vs. LilleBaby

Welcome back and I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July weekend!  I am hoping your Thursday is off to a great start, because mine definitely is.  The sunshine is out, the kiddos woke up after mommy enjoyed a cup of coffee by herself, and I am finally sharing my review on TODDLER CARRIERS!

I purchased all three of these carriers with my own money because I was in need of a carrier for my toddler.  This review is 100% my opinion and none of these carriers were given to me or loaned to me for review.  Since, I had done the research, I thought I would share with everyone just in case anyone else was in or going to be in my current situation.  However, this site does contain affiliate links, which help support my family, but in no way shape my opinion.

Before my little Moose was born, I was adamant that we did not need a second stroller.  I absolutely loved my Bob stroller and did not want to replace it with something larger (the Bob is already big enough) nor did I want to spend the moolah on a double stroller.  My goal was to wear my son, which would allow our daughter to still use the stroller as needed, but she didn’t regularly ride in it willingly.  Great plan… unless your adorable little boy came out with absolutely no intention of allowing you to wear him!  Keep in mind, I have many baby carriers and to my total dismay, he has no interest in any of them despite the variety of ways you can wear him.  He is just not a snuggler (I may be crying a little as I type this sentence).  Unlike his sister, who would still love for me to wear her, he doesn’t like to be cozied up.  Instead, he likes to be laid out with lots of space to wiggle and move.  So what is a mother to do?  To the Internet I went – researching other options that would fix my current situation.  At that point I realized there are carriers made specifically for toddlers.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, right?!

Let’s go over the basics that should be considered before selecting your toddler carrier before we delve into the details of each one.  Toddler wearing is a personal choice and finding a comfortable carrier that suits your and your child’s needs varies.  Things to consider before purchasing your carrier are:  your size, age, where/how you prefer to wear your child, what kind of straps and padding does the carrier provide, if it provides lumbar support, where and how long will you be wearing the child, what kind of weather will you be in, and lastly, the size of the child.

I am a plus sized short female.  I planned on wearing my toddler, who is about 35 pounds and 37 inches tall, while grocery shopping, going to amusement parks (when she needs a rest), taking walks around the neighborhood, and while doing chores around the house when she needs to be cuddled and I still have stuff to get done.  It was important for me to find a carrier that allowed me to carry her in the front, the side, and on my back, since I wanted to have the option to have my hands and front free in case I needed to pick up my little guy.  I also wanted something that had well-padded shoulders, some type of lumbar support, and was roomy enough for her to be comfortable.  The carrier needed to be made out of durable material that was breathable and easy to clean.  I know, I know, it’s a huge wish list!

After a lot of research, I narrowed it down to three carriers:

Below is a break-down of each carrier along with pictures.

Tula Carrier

The Run Down….

The Tula Toddler Carrier has quite the following.  Their variety in patterns allows you to select one that suits your mommy personality, taking baby gear to a whole new level of style.  I purchased the Bandit pattern, which I absolutely loved and thought both kiddos would approve being carried in it.  This specific carrier is a toddler-only carrier and is not meant for babies under 25 pounds.  The Tula carrier can be used on toddlers weighing between 25 – 50 pounds (approximately 18 months through 4+ years old) and must be at least 32 inches tall.  It allows for an ergonomic m-position seat which supports optimal development for the child’s body and is made out of a nice breathable material that is machine washable.  There is a large pocket on the hip belt that holds keys or a phone.  It also has a removable hood that provides protection from the weather and can support the child’s head while sleeping.  I have also been told it allows for comfortable breastfeeding, but I don’t know from personal experience.

My experience…

All in all, the Tula is a very nice, light weight toddler carrier.  I liked that it was machine washable and needed no special care to clean.  The material is not as easy to wipe clean on the spot as the other two carriers are, but you can’t beat the style and infinite patterns you get to select from.  The straps were standard straps that were sturdy and they provided nice secure support for carrying.  I felt that the entire time I had my daughter in the carrier she was secure and comfortable.  The shoulder straps are padded, but not nearly as padded as the other two carriers.  The Tula material was on the thinner side and not quite as roomy as the LilleBaby CarryOn.  The straps also didn’t have as many adjustable positions as the other two carriers did, which is important if you wear a variety of clothing while carrying (sweatshirts, jackets, t-shirts, tank tops, etc.).

Another downside that I found with the Tula is that it only allowed for me to carry in the front and back and I really wanted the option to carry on the side as well.  I figured if I was going to invest the money in a toddler carrier, I wanted as many options for carrying as possible.  Since I was going to be packing the two littles around by myself, I also wanted to make sure I could get the carrier on and my kiddo in it (BY MYSELF) in all of its carrying positions.  I was able to do this without issue in the Tula.

*One thing to understand is that the back carry position is a little tricky to get your child in by yourself in any carrier in general, but with a little practice it becomes very quick and easy.  This holds true for all three carriers.*

One of the biggest downfalls of the Tula was not having lumbar support.  When carrying for a longer period of time (hour +), I started to feel the weight of the child in my lower back in the front carrying position.  This is where the other two carriers take the lead, leaving the Tula behind in their dust.  The lumbar support makes a huge difference distributing the child’s weight, which is very helpful on longer carries.  This is probably not such a big deal if you are only looking for a carrier for short carrying times (15-30 minutes), but anything longer and I would say the lumbar support makes quite the difference.

Since I have my carrier with me at all times (either in the car or in the bottom of the stroller), I wanted something that would fold up and not take up a lot of room and this is where the Tula really outdid the other two carriers, folding up much smaller than the other two.  However, do realize these types of carriers are a little harder to squish into a diaper bag since they’re larger to accommodate toddlers, though if you have a huge diaper bag you might be able to fit it.

http://www.tulababycarriers.com provides instructions on how to care for your carrier as well as instructions on how to put on the carrier in both carrying positions.  If you chose to buy from them, you should also check out their return policy and customer service reviews.  I purchased mine from amazon.com because they had it on Prime and I couldn’t wait to receive it.  Plus, Amazon has an amazing return policy if you have any issues.

Tula Carrier Side Tula Front Tula Carrier Rear

LilleBaby Complete

The Run Down….

The LilleBaby Complete is a six position ergonomic baby – toddler carrier made with a mesh insert for temperature control, thus making carrying in all seasons delightful.  It is made of 100% cotton that is durable and soft to the touch and is of course machine washable.  The Complete features lumbar support, neck support (newborn carrying), a hood that is easy to use, two-way adjustable shoulder straps, and a decent sized pocket that zips.  What makes this carrier special is that it can carry from newborn (7 pounds) all the way up to 45 pounds, with no additional products to be purchased or added in, making it versatile. I would classify it as a hybrid carrier meant for someone who is looking to buy just one carrier and have it until their child no longer needs to be carried or reaches 45 pounds.  The straps are 3 inches wide and very sturdy.

My experience…

This is a wonderful carrier… sturdy and comfortable with lots of flexibility for a parent that does not have another carrier and wants to purchase one that will last from birth to toddler.  The LilleBaby Complete felt like a jack of all trades carrier.  It was an over-the-top carrier for an infant, yet fell short in the toddler carrier category when compared to the Tula and LilleBaby CarryOn.  I did consider this carrier to utilize as my only carrier, but the lower weight limit was a huge negative.  You also have to do a lot of adjusting to switch from newborn/baby carry to toddler carry positions and the toddler carry position did not appear to be as roomy as the LilleBaby CarryOn and Tula.  Unfortunately for this carrier, once I had experienced the toddler-only carriers, this hybrid was out of the running!  Please keep in mind, it is still a very nice carrier and definitely worth looking at if you’re in the market for a newborn/baby carrier with a higher weight limit.

LilleBaby Carrier Complete Rear LilleBaby Carrier Complete Side LilleBaby Carrier Complete Close

LilleBaby CarryOn

The Run Down….

The LilleBaby CarryOn is a toddler only carrier.  I decided to go with navy with ikat rings and it is worth noting that there are not as many colors or patterns to choose from in comparison to the Tula.  This carrier can be used on toddlers weighing between 20 – 60 pounds (approximately 12 months +).  The material is 100% durable cotton that is soft to the touch and machine washable and allows for ergonomic front, side, and back carry, which is a huge plus in my current situation.  It also has lumbar support with three-way adjustable straps.  Two larger pockets and a removable hood are also included.

My experience…

This carrier is absolutely amazing!  It is the Cadillac of carriers.  The material is light, durable and easy to clean and the torso portion is much roomier than the other two for my little one.  She can easily put her hands inside or outside of the carrier or relax back with no lack of room or support.  The pockets are big, but I don’t use them because I generally forget that I put something in it and it either falls out on the ground when taking the carrier off or I lose it until the next time I put the carrier on and find it.  The three-way 3 inch adjustable straps are so nice, especially when wearing different types of clothes (example: sweatshirt vs. tank top) and the straps are super padded…like a pillow on your shoulders.  The icing on the cake is the lumbar support…I seriously cannot believe what a major difference it makes when doing the front carry!  It helps disburse the weight of the child, which makes quite the difference on your back after carrying.  The CarryOn goes on just like the Tula in the front and back carry positions, but the CarryOn allows for a hip carry position as well.  Easy to put on and take off and folds up nicely to be packed.  Tula definitely gets a point here, since it folds up the smallest between the three carriers.

http://lillebaby.com provides instructions on how to care for your carrier as well as instructions on how to put on the carrier in each carrying position.  If you chose to buy from them, you should also check out their return policy and customer service reviews.  I purchased mine from amazon.com because they had it on prime and I couldn’t wait to receive it.  Plus, Amazon has always been great to work with if there was an issue with my order.

LilleBaby CarryOn Side LilleBaby CarryOn Front LilleBaby CarryOn Rear

So Which Carrier Would I Recommend?…

Do you even have to ask?  I would recommend the LilleBaby CarryOn to anyone looking for a toddler only carrier.  It exceeded my expectations and I truly enjoy wearing my kiddo in it.  Now, I will also admit that I loved the other two carriers as well, but the LilleBaby Complete seems to fall short as a toddler only carrier (which is what I am looking for) and the Tula (though super stylish) just didn’t provide as much support as the LilleBaby CarryOn.  Again, everyone wears their carriers differently and are looking for different qualities in the carrier they select.  Don’t get me wrong, all three carriers are great and I wouldn’t turn down any of them as a gift, but as far as selecting one to buy, LilleBaby CarryOn wins hands-down!

Definitely do your research and know what your goals for the carrier are.  Please feel free to leave a comment or email me any questions you might have.  Best of luck!