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The Perfect Planner & why it works for me
The Perfect Planner & why it works for me

The Perfect Planner & Why It Works for Me

How many of you have searched for the perfect planner?  Or worse, who has thought they found it, only to find themselves disappointed after using it for only six months (sometimes less)?!  This is usually me… I select my planner, get it all organized, and then a few months in I realize it’s falling short on my needs and expectations.  And usually a few months later, I realize I am not even using it anymore.  Some years, I purchase 2+ planners in an attempt to find the perfect one.

Last year I was at a loss for a way to stay organized using a planner. I needed one that included meal planning, had room for to-do lists, keeping the kiddos’ extra curricular activities in order, and space for notes & shopping lists, on top of its regular duties.  Obviously, that is a lot to fit into something that isn’t the size of your 8th grade Trapper Keeper!  So I decided to use my research skills to make a list of all of my favorite planners that I had used in the past, so I could figure out what I loved about them.  I also wanted to know where they fell short on meeting my needs.  Then I took the results, and did some brainstorming about how I could combine all of those qualities into the perfect planner.

The Perfect Planner

And that folks, is how the Perfect Planner was created!  I started using it last August, and to date; I am still using it!  Almost ONE YEAR with the same planner and let me tell you… it has been USED!  This is the longest I have every had a setup that I have used consistently and it has actually helped me to stay organized, aware of my schedule, meal plan, and helped me cross off my to-do lists. To top it all off, it fits in the average purse or bag, so you can easily take it with you.

The Perfect Planner

How to Create Your Perfect Planner

Now, if you are interested in creating your own perfect planner, I suggest taking a look at the supplies list and then how it is put together to decide which supplies are actually needed for your needs.  Remember, this planner is designed to fit your personal planner needs and budget.


How to Put Your Planner Together:

Step 1:

Take apart the Katie Daisy on-the-go 17 Month Calendar.  Using cord, securely tie it going through the holes at the top of the planner, then lace it through to the bottom holes, securely tying it in the back.  Cut any excess cord.

Step 2:

Divide the Katie Daisy on-the-go 17 Month Calendar in half, and slide it under the first strap in the Webster’s Pages Traveler’s Journal.

Step 3:

Take the Katie Daisy Travel Size Journal (5×7, 192 page) and divide it in half and slip it under the second strap in the Webster’s Pages Traveler’s Journal.

Step 4:

Now to create the meal planner portion.  Take one of the Traveler’s Notebook Refill Inserts and open it to the first page.  I titled this page Favorite Meals and I add to it as a meal is requested frequently from my family.  Then on the next page, using washi tape; divide the page in half.  On the first section of the divided page, using washi tape; divide it into 7 sections (using 6 pieces of washi tape) horizontally. Then use a pen to mark each section with the day of the week and the date.  On the other section of the same paper, use a pen and title it Shopping List.  I meal plan for the week and as I find things that we need or that we have run out of, I immediately add it to our shopping list. Of course you don’t need to use washi tape for this… you can simply just use a pen or pencil to section off the pages to create the same useful meal planner. Style & usability preference is totally up to you!

Step 5:

Take your newly created Meal Planner and using the front cover, slip it into the front pocket of the Webster’s Pages Traveler’s Journal.

And that’s it… you now have your very own perfect planner!  The great thing about this planner is that it is really easy to make it your own, including decorating it however you see fit.  Hopefully you love this planner and find it helpful in organizing your busy life.

Purchase Planners

Now if creating your perfect planner is just not your thing, here are a few planners I would suggest purchasing!  They each have their own style and price point.  Hopefully you’ll be able to find a planner that fits your needs and budget.  And if you are just not a planner person and just looking for a way to keep track of chores or habits, check out A Chore Chart in Pixels.

  1. Erin Condren Life Planner
  2. Clever Fox Planner Weekly & Monthly
  3. The Happy Planner
  4. Planner Perfect

I hope you have enjoyed this post and found the information in it helpful, and as always; feel free to contact me if you have any questions!  Let me know in the comments what is your current favorite planner!

Cheers & Happy Planning!




The Perfect Planner



The Perfect Planner



The Perfect Planner & why it works for me

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