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Wanderlust CAL Finale

Wanderlust CAL Finale

Time is just flying by, so I’ve decided to compile the remainder of the Wanderlust CAL graphs into one post.  This way those that would like to complete it sooner can, and those that would like to stick to the weekly schedule can too.  I do believe that Melvin the Moose has now tied as my favorite square along with the Happy S’more.  Which square is your favorite?

Details, Details, Details

If you haven’t joined yet, there is still time!  Hop over to the original post for the details here and then check out the Wanderlust CAL week 1 – 4 below:

The Happy S’more

Benji the Black Bear

The Rocky River

The Retro Camper vs. The Tent

I promise you won’t regret getting in on the fun!  Keep in mind, the Wanderlust CAL can be personalized.  You can decide to do each release and have a large blanket to snuggle under or you can just do some of the releases and make a lap blanket, baby blanket, or pillows!  You can also personalize each release with whatever colors suit your style… really, the possibilities are endless with this CAL.

Supplies Needed:

Stitch Options


If you haven’t joined yet, you should go check it out.  The private Facebook group (Wanderlust CAL) is for everyone that would like to participate in the Wanderlust CAL.  So far it has been a blast seeing everyone’s progress and creativity.  Plus, its been a great avenue to explore stitches, hook size, and finished square measurements with fellow crocheters.  It is also a great place to ask questions about the Wanderlust CAL.


Official Hashtag for sharing on Instagram:

#wanderlustcal and I would love for you to share your progress along the way as well as your finished piece(s).  Be sure to tag me (Dreams and Caffeine) so I can see your posts!  I really put a ton of heart into this project and I would love to see everyone’s creativity with each square release.

Blog Sign Up

I would recommend and appreciate you subscribing to my blog.  This will ensure you will not miss a release or any information regarding the Wanderlust CAL.  If you do subscribe, don’t forget the double opt in for signing up for the blog.  When you initially sign up, you will receive an email that you need to verify you do want to sign up for my blog.  Once you do that, you should receive my emails.  However, if you don’t see it in your inbox, be sure to check your junk mail.

Subscribe to Dreams and Caffeine

I am providing this as a FREE pattern for you to use.  You may sell any finished items made with this pattern, but I would love a link back to this post.  Please do not sell or repost this graph/pattern as your own and please do not use my pictures.  Thanks!

Thank you everyone who has joined in on this fun CAL.  Please continue to share pictures… I love seeing everyones take on each release!

Happy Fall!


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